Multisite for WooCommerce

Unify multiple stores

Use a multisite network to share data and simplify management across multiple stores:

  • Create a unified product catalog across subsites
  • Share inventory among some or all sites in the network
  • One login: create a single network customer account
WooCommerce Multisite network: sync product, customer, and order data between stores

Easily share data and resources across multiple stores.

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Manage multiple storefronts in a single place with
Multisite for WooCommerce.

Who should use Multisite for WooCommerce?

Use subsites for different languages, vendors, chapters, brands, or more.

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Businesses with multiple websites, storefronts, or brands

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Associations with multiple guilds, locations, chapters, or groups

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Multilingual stores with a subsite for each language or locale

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Marketplaces that allow vendors to create their own store

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Stores selling direct to consumers and via wholesale partners

A single network for your stores

Choose which data is shared between subsites, with the ability to get a unified view of sales or customers across the multisite network.

Create a shared product catalog

Easily list products on multiple subsites. Override product fields as needed on a subsite, such as translating the product description.

Share inventory between sites

Create inventory pools to share stock between 1 or more subsites. For example, all EU sites can share a single warehouse.

Offer a single login

Unify customer accounts in your network, offering one login across all brands or subsites. Choose whether accounts show network or site orders.

Sync coupons between stores

Share offers between subsites by syncing coupons. Easily run a promo across all brands.

View a unified order list

View orders from all sites in your network in a single list. Get a view of sales across your entire business.

Global carts & checkout

Optionally use a shared cart across subsites (when syncing products) — helpful if customers switch languages.

Developers you can rely on

We’ve helped over 100k merchants, made hundreds of contributions to WooCommerce, and are a trusted partner for top ecommerce providers.

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★★★★★ Works Great, Excellent Support

The support received over the years has been second to none. The team is responsive to questions, quick to turn around updates and feature requests, and has helped up troubleshoot and resolve numerous issues. Recommended without hesitation.
Norfolk Wine & Spirits

★★★★★ Great support!

The product is great, but the support is where the product really shines. We had an issue with variations not syncing (our configuration is set a little differently), but their team came to save the day and gave us an easy workaround to our issue. I’m happy with how everything is working!

★★★★★ Terrific support

Upon installation we had some issues due to the idiosyncratic nature of our store, but the team worked with us to resolve them. Really terrific support; there is a knowledgeable team behind this product.
Holy Cow

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