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We have new products in various build states. Here’s a look at what we’re working on now. 👀

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Manage all of your storefronts in one place.

Multisite for WooCommerce

  • Unify products & catalog across your network of sites
  • Share inventory across sites
  • Unified customer accounts — one login per network
  • Share carts & checkout flow
  • Unified, network orders view

Reward happy customers to create repeat sales.

Loyalty for WooCommerce

  • Grant points or rewards for purchases to build loyalty
  • Add bonus points for actions like leaving reviews or creating an account
  • Allow easy redemptions of points and rewards to drive repeat purchases
  • Send point notifications to encourage new orders

Unlock access & updates to files, software, & more.

Licensing for WooCommerce

  • Generate license keys to unlock files, enable apps, or provide software updates
  • Support perpetual, seat-based, device-based, usage-based, or other license models.
  • Drop-in SDK to easily sell WordPress plugins or themes