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Using sites against your activation limit

Our plugins are, by default, sold as single-site licenses. Therefore, each license key grants updates & support for a single domain or WooCommerce install.

Need to install this plugin on multiple sites? Contact us to discuss agency programs.

Testing the plugin

If you are testing a plugin, can use it on your test or development site! Activate the plugin license in the plugin settings.

When you’re ready to go live, delete the license key to revoke it from your development site, and you can now use it on your live store.

Local or development sites and activation limits

We’re working on automatically allowing local, development, and staging sites outside of your activation limit! While we won’t be able to recognize every staging environment, we’ll attempt to do so automatically.

In the meantime, please contact our support team to extend your license key to apply to your development site — we’re happy to add 1-2 extra activations to support your site deployment workflow.

What about multisite?

  • Are your plugins multisite compatible?

    Yes, our plugins can be used on a multisite installation. While the plugins can be installed on each sub-site, they do not share data across sites in the network. (Nor does WooCommerce core.)

    To use one of our plugins in a multisite install, you need a license for each sub-site where you’ll activate it.

    • If you want to use it on 3 sub-sites, you’ll need 3 licenses.
    • If your network has 10 sites, but you only want to use the plugin on one, you need a single site license.

    Enter the license key on the plugin settings page for each site where you want to use the plugin.

    If you’re using a large number of sub-sites, or running a network set up that is essentially one site (e.g. each sub-site is for a language), please contact us to discuss how we can extend or bulk-discount your license.

  • Do I need to network activate the plugin?

    It’s best to network activate the plugin, even if not used on every sub-site, to manage updates.

  • How can I manage updates on a multisite install?

    You must install updates from the Network Admin, not from the admin, for individual sub-sites.

    • While your license key must be activated on each sub-site where you are using the plugin, you can only update to new versions of the plugin from the Network Admin. The Plugins list for the sub-sites will show that an update is available, but you can only install the update from the Network Admin.
    • The main site on a multisite acts as the default or “root” site when checking for updates. This means that the plugin must be activated on the root site in order to update. If the plugin is not active on the root site, then the update will show as being available, but you won’t be able to install it.
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