USA ePay for WooCommerce


USA ePay for WooCommerce


Easily and securely accept credit cards at checkout using a USA ePay account.




Canada, United States

Works with

Pre-orders, Sequential Order Numbers Pro, Subscriptions


The USA ePay integration completely integrates payment forms into your checkout — payments are made directly on your website, giving merchants maximum control over the experience, and ensuring customers never leave your site to pay.

From within WooCommerce, merchants and employees can:

  • Process refunds / voids for transactions
  • Capture prior authorized transactions from the edit order screen
  • Force charges for orders with only virtual items instead of authorizing them
  • Automatically capture transactions when order status changes to a paid status
  • Accept Major Credit Cards / Debit Cards – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s, JCB

Customers also have advanced usage and management on your storefront:

  • Customers can securely save their payment method to their account for easier checkout
  • Use an payment form at checkout with retina icons
  • Use a mobile-friendly checkout with numerical inputs for card type and security code
  • See detailed decline messages at checkout instead of generic errors
  • Customers never leave your site during checkout

USA ePay provides extensive compatibility with WooCommerce and other extensions:

  • Full Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Full Support for WooCommerce Pre-Orders


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