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Hello, world!

Welcome to Kestrel! We’re new around here … or are we? Let’s start with some history so we can tell you about what comes next.

Our team started working with WooCommerce around the time it was created (version 1.4), back in 2012. This was before: shipping classes, downloadable file permissions, coupon limits, refund support, REST APIs, and even the modern WP admin, just to name a few. In fact, we contributed to many of these features in WooCommerce, back in our days as SkyVerge.

We started SkyVerge to help store owners spend less time on building their WooCommerce store, and more time on building their business. We helped over 100,000 stores with merchandizing, order fulfillment, marketing, analytics, payment processing, and just about every aspect of running an online store.

We grew SkyVerge to a team of 40 and were acquired by GoDaddy to continue this mission for the millions of everyday-entrepreneurs GoDaddy serves.

In our decade++ of experience with both SkyVerge and GoDaddy, we’ve learned a lot about what merchants need to run their businesses, and even more about what developers & agencies need to help those merchants set up and manage their online stores.

We’re setting out on our own again to continue pushing the Woo ecosystem forward and to help ecommerce entreprenuers sell their way, with no compromises.

We’re kicking off this new venture by acquiring some of the plugins you may already know and love. If you’re one of our new customers, we’re excited to show you why your store can rely on us. We’re thrilled to start this new journey and we look forward to growing with you!

Expect incredible products, fanatical support, and as many bird puns as we can find to goose our blog posts and email newsletters from heron out. 🦅 Join the flock to follow along as we migrate back to entrepreneurial air — we’re excited to show you what comes next.

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