Author: Team Kestrel

  • A new home for much-loved plugins

    A new home for much-loved plugins





    If you’ve just come to take a gander (see what we did there? 👀 🐦‍⬛) at our new site, you’ll see we’ve just dipped our beak back into the WooCommerce space. While we’re already working on new products of our own, we wanted to quickly ramp up our efforts, and a great way to do…

  • Hello, world!

    Hello, world!

    Welcome to Kestrel! We’re new around here … or are we? Let’s start with some history so we can tell you about what comes next. Our team started working with WooCommerce around the time it was created (version 1.4), back in 2012. This was before: shipping classes, downloadable file permissions, coupon limits, refund support, REST…