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If you’ve just come to take a gander (see what we did there? πŸ‘€ πŸ¦β€β¬›) at our new site, you’ll see we’ve just dipped our beak back into the WooCommerce space.

While we’re already working on new products of our own, we wanted to quickly ramp up our efforts, and a great way to do so is to acquire products from other developers. We’re very excited to share a few acquisitions we’ve closed in the past week to jumpstart the Kestrel family.


The KoiLab team (formerly Themesquad) is a long-standing developer in the marketplace. With 26 plugins in their portfolio, they have products to do everything from provide an AI assistant for store management, to selling photography, to creating shoppable posts on Instagram.

Given our previous experience running a diverse portfolio of plugins, we felt confident in being able to serve this customer base well, and keen to jump back into working with a large set of verticals & industries.

You can view all of our plugins in our new shop!

Barn2 plugins

Barn2 has been a staple of the Woo space for some time, with a large independent portfolio of plugins. Our eagle-eyes saw Katie announce they may be interested in selling some of the smaller plugins in their portfolio to free up focus for their team, so we reached out to learn more.

We found that we were on the same page about how to take care of customers and make the transition seamless, so we agreed to acquire five premium plugins + 2 free plugins.

Lightspeed POS

We’ve gained a lot of experience working with brick-and-mortar retailers as they re-opened stores after Covid, and universally a big challenge is managing your catalog and inventory across your in-person and online sales.

Lightspeed is a great tool to help centralize your product & inventory management, and we’re excited to take over the Lightspeed POS integration from the RioBaker team.

Lightspeed POS for WooCommerce

  • Create products from Lightspeed
  • Sync inventory between Lightspeed & Woo, including for new orders
  • Easy catalog management



Woo Marketplace

You’ll notice some plugins are sold directly on this site, while others are sold via To avoid disruption for any existing customers, we’ll continue selling plugins where they’ve been sold historically, and evaluate what we sell directly over time.

Check out our vendor account to see plugins we have available in the marketplace β€” we’re very excited to be back into the thick of support and development for this new suite of plugins!

Interested sellers

In the interest of Always Being Closing … we’d love to talk with any other Woo plugin developers interested in selling one or more plugins. As a developer familiar with the ecosystem, we can offer fast closing, and minimal handoff needed on your end β€” after initial diligence and review together, we don’t ask for a support period post-close.

Your plugins find a good home with a team who cares deeply about customer experience, extensibility, and improving the WooCommerce ecosystem together. We’d love to hear from you.

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